Founder’s message:

The inner-self of a human being matter and is the single most powerful phenomenon in life.

It’s the inside, not the outside, that makes a person realize the full human potential and therefore, success in any endeavor of life. Failures, while unavailable, are part of the nature of dichotomous life, and is a wake-up tap on our shoulders to re-direct our attention to our inner-self. The inner-self is enriched by the spirit.

Two occasions mark the occurrence of magic of life. The first occurrence, we celebrate. The second, we mourn. These are the birth and death of a human. In between these two occurrences lies the life span of a person. Some have a long life-span and others have a short span.

French writer and poet Jean Cocteau characterized this phenomenon eloquently in his quote “since the day of my birth, my death began its walk. It is walking towards me without hurrying”.

The determinants of events in our life -span are several and multifactorial. Developing clarity in understanding the determinants of events in a fast paced and evolving world is impossible. Desire for success and immediate gratification overwhelms our world. No matter what aspect of life we look at, the world appears to determine the fate of a person and is allowed to influence the outcome without a fight.

The world and its triggers are promoted and allowed to direct the outcome instead of the spirit. As a result, the surrounding of a human being is allowed to suppress the spirit. There is no fight on behalf of the spirit. There is minimal personal act of enrichment of the human spirit, and thus, minimal effort of self-empowerment on a daily basis. Our world is failing to instill this even in our children. The degree of self-empowerment determines the difference between success and failure. It is the same in the space of health.

As a young medical student, I had the opportunity to observe the battle between human spirit and science in addressing illnesses when I simultaneously studied the Eastern and Western philosophies of medicine. I learned Western medical philosophies of medicine at medical school and Eastern philosophies at the Yoga centers, homeopathic schools and Acupuncture school. Spirit always had the final say in outcome of the battle.

In fact, it is not even a battle between the two. It is the lack of acknowledgement of the spirit’s role in supporting the science that resulted in failure. Initially I thought that the lack of spirit’s support is due to lack of activities that promote and enrich our spirit. I was wrong.

It is not enrichment and promotion of the spirit that lacked. The all-powerful human spirit is already enriched and ready to act in all of us. We have imprisoned and neglected the presence of spirit within us with worldly distractions. We are masking the spirit from manifesting its full potential.

As a heart transplant physician, after thirty-five years of observation of the interaction of spirit and science in people dying of end stage heart disease, there was one realization.

Health doesn’t rely on medicines.

The people who allowed the spirit to manifest had the best odds of survival compared to those who did not realize that they were masking and suppressing the spirit.

The company Healthy Human is founded to empower people to become proficient in unmasking their spirit so that their own health potential can continue to manifest at its fullest throughout their life as nature intended it. We intend to achieve this through education, training, coaching and support.

Our mission is simple; “elevate the health of individuals”.

Our method: Self-empowerment.

Our philosophy is: Combine the power of human spirit with the power of medicines.

Our ask: Just be yourself and allow the spirit to manifest.

Our endpoint: Optimal health.

Our future: Continue to facilitate manifestation of human spirit in the world.

I hope you enjoy being part of our community focused on health, not disease, and realize success in anything you touch.

Health is the most powerful wealth there is!

With utmost respect,
Radha Gopalan, MD

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