Dr. Radha Gopalan has been my cardiologist, personal physician, teacher, and friend since 2006. His lessons are always about the differences between health and medicine. In his new book — Survival — Radha teaches us to make finer distinctions and better understand the path to good health. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, I have become even more proactive regarding my health—changing my diet, losing weight, and exercising vigorously. I do this because Radha has taught me well: a vaccine may protect me from COVID… but a vaccine is not health.

-Robert Kiyosaki – Best-selling author, entrepreneur and financial educator and founder of Rich Dad Education

Portrait of Marina Abramović, 2018 Ph: Carlo Bach

“Radha Gopalan’s, Survival, has been released in what is possibly the best moment in human history. Reading this book is different than any other publication, which, when you are done, you put it on the shelf and forget about it. This is a guide that will come in handy at any moment of your life.




This is not just a book. This is invaluable knowledge in book form.”

-Marina Abramović – New York Dance and Performance award-winning performance artist

“Dr. Gopalan has done it again. He has found the light and hope from having lived the realities of the darkness. Drawing from a wide range of experiences as a Heart Transplant Cardiologist, an ayurvedic, acupuncture, and Yoga teacher, he shares the many ways we can empower ourselves to be responsible for our health. There is lightness and joy that comes through his openness in teaching. He shows us how important it is to connect deeply with our universal spirit, and to practice from unconditional love, as opposed to the fear-based tradition of “healthcare” being “disease care”. We can follow the power of spirit with the support of well thought out “self-care”. We can practice the principals he shares every day by believing that we can make a change. A book of hope.”

-Anthony Edwards – Golden Globe award winning actor

“Radha Gopalan’s follow up book to his brilliant ’Second Opinion’
Is a wholly unique testament and manual, dedicated to the consciousness of health.
And greatly elevates the confusion between disease culture and health culture.
A riveting do-it-yourself plan embracing the true paths to health.
A first-class must-read epistle!
For All!”

-Brian Cox – Emmy and Golden Globe award winning actor

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